For over 29 years, Valentine Chiropractic has been helping people obtain a healthier and better quality life. Serving the Anaheim area, Dr. Valentine is dedicated to the holistic natural chiropractic approach, which will nourish your joints to become more healthy and energize your body. Slight misalignments in your body’s joints caused by everyday life can result in dysfunctions in your body that interfere with your nervous system and in turn diminish your health.

Our chiropractic care is a natural way to keep your body aligned so that the nervous system functions properly, helping you to a healthier life. While chiropractic care is used for healing back pain, it is also widely used in naturally healing carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash & misalignments caused by car accidents, joints arthritis, sport injuries, neck misalignments, headaches, and loss of movement in the spine.